Lysimeter Station Wagna
Purpose of this facility to determine reference evapotranspiration (Eto)
Operating since 2006
Number of lysimeters 1
Size classification standard
Exact size 1 mē x 1 m depth, cylindrical
Building material of container Stainless steel
Feature of lysimeter bottom Several suction cups in a filter layer
Lysimeter cellar (material) at this type: measuring pit; lysimeter cellar nearby (concrete)
suction-controlled lysimeter yes
Weighing equipment 3 load cells; precision: 0.01 mm
Seepage water determination Suction cups; Weighing
Soil fraction(s) Loamy sand
Soil type Dystric Cambisol
Soil thickness in m ca. 1 m; fine earth: 20 cm
Vegetation and cultivation Grassland (mulch); no fertilizer used since 1987
Probes installed Tensiometers, suction cups
Data logger; server, data base yes
Other details (data formats etc.) Datalogger: DT80, data are transmitted to the serve in the lysimeter cellar; data format: XLS and CSV
Further investigations or equipment Parameters measured: lysimeter weight (1 min), seepage water (1 min), matric potential in lysimeter and undisturbed soil (10 min); rotating direction of the pump and time of rotating (sec/10 min)
Meteorological parameters Separate weather station (METEOLY) at this lysimeter type measures temperature, precipitation, relative humidity, global radiation and wind velocity in in 2 m above surface.
Remarks Matric potential in the indisturbed soil and in the lysimeter (in 95 cm depth) are equilibrated by a pump.
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last update: June 9, 2008