Lysimeter Station Wagna
Installing a lysimeter in spring 2006
In April 2006, a weighable monolithic lysimeter for determing the grass reference evapotranspiration was installed at the Wagna research area. The following pictures show the most important steps of the construction procedure.
Step 1
Figure 1: Vessel is pressed into
the soil
  • A lysimeter casing (1.13 m diameter, 1m length)
made of stainless steel is covered at the top with a
thick steel plate and pressed carefully into the soil
by the shovel of an excavator.

• The container has to be pressed into soil straight
and soil inside must not be compressed!

• The process of pressing is done in several stages;
surrounding soil is removed and placed in horizons
on the site area to guarantee that soil is backfilled with the exact layers.
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last update: July 25, 2006