Lysimeter Station Wagna
Further investigations or equipment Groundwater gauge, groundwater temperature at 5 locations,
EC at one measuring point; investigation of GW quality;
Remarks Facility situated on trial area of LFI/Land Steiermark (Styrian government).
The research area is part of various EU project proposals to serve as a
data basis for the application of numerical modelling to determine climate
change effects on the water balance
Mean annual temperature in °C 8.8
Mean annual precipitation in mm 914
Topographic feature Terrace (Würm), plain
Parent material Gravel, Quaternary deposits
Kind of crop/tree Maize, winter corn, rape
Crop rotation and for which period Single-crop farming with complete fallow (maize); crop rotation
(4 breaks) with catch crops
Ground cultivation Organic and conventional cultivation, mechanized
Used fertilizer/manure Liquid manure
Amount of fertilizer(s) used - kg/ha 120 - 180 kg NH4-N
Fertilization period Spring, autumn
Meteorological parameters Temperature, precipitation, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure,
global radiation, wind direction, short wave reflex radiation
Evaporation determination (formula) PENMAN (ETp), RENGER & WESSOLEK (ETa)
Future developments specific attention will be given on the dissemination of investigation
results to farmers, advisors, administratives, politicians by organizing'
"field days", workshops, conferences and by applying a dynamic web
page to access data and evaluations for research and practical application
Year of survey 2004/2008
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last update: June 9, 2008